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December 16, 2021

In the breaststroke technique, there is a jingle in the breaststroke. Before explaining the essentials of breaststroke, I will introduce it to everyone: "Do not move the leg of the rower, close your hand and then retract the leg. First stretch your arms and then kick your legs, and stretch them together for a while." It can be seen that the movements of the hands precede the movements of the legs. Be sure to retract your legs after you close your hands, and kick your legs after you reach out.

Arm movements:

1. Swipe outwards, stretch your hands forward, tilt your palms about 45 degrees (little thumbs facing upwards). Swipe outwards and backwards with both hands at the same time, and then draw backwards and downwards with the bent arms.

2. Inward stroke, the palm turns from the outside to the inside, the hand drives the forearm to accelerate the stroke inward, and the hands move from the bottom up and close together in front of the chest (hands are high and elbows are low, elbows are under the shoulders), and stretch forward.

3. Stretch forward, stretch both hands forward (elbow joint straightened). It is important to remind everyone that the outer stroke is relaxed, the inner stroke is hard, accelerated, and the forward stretch is positive.

The complete breaststroke movement: raise your head for breathing when stroked with both hands, lower your legs and hold your breath slightly when strokes with your hands inside, push your legs and exhale when you stretch your hands forward with your head.


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Leg movement:

1. Put your legs back, bend your knees and your legs, bring your heels closer to your hips, hide your calves behind your thighs, and slowly retract your legs to reduce resistance. When the legs are closed, the knees are shoulder-width apart, the calves are perpendicular to the surface of the water, and the feet are near the surface of the water.

2. Turn the feet, the distance between the two feet is greater than the distance between the two knees, the feet are turned outwards, the toes are facing outwards, the feet are facing the sky, and the calves and the inside of the feet are aligned with the water, like the English letter "W".

3. Pushing the water is actually the process of straightening the legs (hip bending and knee extension). The waist, abdomen and thighs are exerted at the same time. , And then kick the water inward and upward, like drawing a half circle. The outward kicking and the inward clamping are completed continuously, that is, even kicking the belt clip. When the kick is completed, the legs are brought together and straight, the feet are turned inward, and the toes are facing each other. The kicking speed should not be too strong, and the kicking speed should be accelerated from slow to fast. The kicking speed is the fastest when the two legs are nearly straight and close together.

4. Stop, stretch your legs together and slide for a short time (1-2 seconds).

Breaststroke is a swimming method that everyone often chooses. If you want to learn breaststroke, you must first know the technique of breaststroke, and then practice it in the water. In the end, you have to go into the water, but you must master the technique before going into the water. If you can read this article carefully, and then spend two hours practicing in the water, you will be able to swim soon.

To learn breaststroke, remember the formula first; stroke both arms at the same time, raise your head to inhale and follow closely; retract your legs and pedal to clamp the water, exhale with your nose and mouth in the water; retract your hands while slowly retracting your legs, stretch your arms forward and then kick your legs; Keep in mind the coordination and learn to coordinate and cooperate; the breaststroke arm action formula: the breaststroke arm strokes symmetrically, the peach-shaped stroke is down; the two hands bend the wrists to catch the water, and the arms and elbows are bent backward; strokes under the shoulders and quickly close the hands. Pinch your elbows inward; stretch your hands forward in parallel, straighten and relax and move forward.

Breaststroke leg action formula: breaststroke kicks like a frog, push backwards and slide forward; close the legs and heels on the hips, and the two knees are as wide as the shoulders; close the sides and slowly retract the legs, turn the toes to both sides; force backwards Pedal and pinch the water, float your feet together for a while. Whale swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers, large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, 40,000 square meters Modern factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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