Whale swimming goggles teach you how to choose suitable swimming goggles for myopia

December 21, 2021

Outdoor sports. Swimming is very popular among children, adults, and the elderly. It allows more people to learn to swim, so that more people know the benefits of swimming, and more children are protected from drowning. A few days ago, someone told: Wearing contact lenses and flat swimming goggles to swim, the result of the eye infection, you must know that the contact lenses in the water are impurity adsorbers, impurities and bacteria are easily adsorbed, causing eye infections. Therefore, I decided to give everyone a good recommendation: how to choose a professional and suitable myopia swimming goggles. With it, you no longer have to worry about your eyes.

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1. Clear and broad visual experience

1. Choose the degree. If you choose the wrong degree of the swimming goggles, dizziness and blurred vision will occur, and the degree of the swimming goggles you should choose is not the degree of actual myopia, because the refractive index of water is higher than that of air, so when choosing the degree, the degree must be higher than usual The frame glasses worn are lower.

But how many degrees should I choose? The standard provided by ophthalmologists is such that the degree of swimming goggles is equal to the degree of myopia plus half of the degree of astigmatism, minus 50 degrees to 100 degrees. For example, if you have a nearsightedness of 400 degrees and an astigmatism of 0 degrees, then the myopic swimming goggles for you are 300 degrees to 350 degrees. In addition, if the degree of myopia in both eyes is inconsistent, the one with the lower degree shall prevail.

2. Look at the anti-fog performance. The swimming goggles with good anti-fog performance have strong water vapor absorption capacity. Its anti-fog coating contains hydrophilic chemical components, which can absorb more water vapor and has a high application rate. Technology prevents the anti-fog layer from falling off.

3. Looking at the field of view, usually large-size swimming goggles have a wider field of view, but when choosing, you must consider the fit with your face. This is the second criterion for choosing swimming goggles: comfortable to wear.

Second, the fit and comfort are just right

How to judge whether this swimming goggles are really suitable for long-term wear? There is a small trick when trying on. You don’t need a mirror strap and stick the swimming goggles on your face. If you feel a slight absorption, it means that the swimming goggles and the face fit well. The key point is to judge whether the frame, eye mask and eye sockets Perfect fit, is the length of the nose bridge just right? In addition, try on the strap to judge whether the tightness of the strap is comfortable, and whether the softness of the gasket at the eye socket is just right. If it is too hard, it will cause pain to the eye bone over time. If it is too soft, there will be Risk of increased intraocular pressure.

3. Safe and harmless material

The eye skin is very delicate, and the lens strap and gasket are the most frequent parts of the eye skin, so the material must be safe and harmless. Most of the professional swimming goggles of well-known brands attach great importance to this point. For example, they use safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic high-grade silicone. In order to prevent women from leaving pressure marks on their faces after wearing swimming goggles, their series use liquid silicone. , Softly cares for women's skin.

Finally, I recommend a hot-selling swimming goggles. The left and right eye degrees of the swimming goggles can be selected freely and accurately. In addition to anti-fog, anti-ultraviolet, and safe and harmless materials, it also has strong anti-impact ability, and is light in texture and easy to wear. Comfortable, and depending on your face shape, there are three sizes to choose from. Whale swimming swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, ebay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, a factory manufacturer, and a large modernization of 40,000 square meters Factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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