What are the benefits of whale swimming goggles and breaststroke for women

December 15, 2021

Different swimming postures move different muscles and naturally have different impacts on the body. Breaststroke has more exercises for women’s pelvic muscles and perineal muscles due to the movement of stretching and closing the legs, which can effectively improve the abdomen. Muscle function. The butterfly stroke requires the body to rise and fall like a dolphin, and the strength of the waist and abdomen is higher than that of the breaststroke. Therefore, people with insufficient physical strength generally cannot swim the butterfly. On the contrary, if a person can swim the butterfly, it means that her strength is very strong. Compared with other swimming styles, the butterfly stroke has greater amplitude and intensity of movement of the abdomen and buttocks.


According to professional data surveys, 78% of adults who come to learn to swim are actually women. Among these 78%, 39% of women are learning to swim because of long-term lack of exercise and various other factors. You will encounter more difficult action challenges than other parts of the academy. For example, it is difficult to get up after the body is floating on the water, and the soles of the feet cannot be turned correctly when pushing the breaststroke legs. Today we will bring you solutions to these problems.

It is difficult to get up and stand up after the body floats on the surface of the water. This is a common problem for most adult women when they learn breaststroke. When floating in the water, the body cannot control its balance and cannot control its own body. The body's strength cannot resist the pressure of the water. As a result, the feet cannot stand on the bottom of the pool and the body is difficult to stand upright, causing beginners to choke, fear and hate water. At the same time, this is also an issue related to the safety of beginners.

The solution, when the body is floating on the water, first relax the whole body, tighten the waist and abdomen, do not move the upper body, put your legs down hard, and at the same time stroke the palms of your hands forward to keep your body balanced, wait until the soles of your feet stand firmly on the ground After that, push the water forward with both hands several times to make the whole body stand up. At the beginning of the practice, the coach can stand next to the student to reduce her mental tension, and help her when the student feels it is really difficult to complete the action. If the coach is not around, students can choose to stand by the pool to practice. If the action cannot be completed, they can hold the pool with their hands. After a few exercises, the students can gradually master this action.


Whale swimming goggles manufacturer

The benefits of swimming for women are that swimming can regulate women's endocrine, make the skin smooth and tender, and relax the mood. Among swimming in various poses, breaststroke and butterfly stroke will benefit women more. In addition, if women's pelvic muscles are relaxed, they will suffer from diseases such as uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, and bladder prolapse. Swimming, especially breaststroke and butterfly stroke, just focuses on strengthening the pelvic muscles, thereby fixing the uterus and other organs. It can prevent prolapse, and can also play a role in adjuvant treatment for women who have already suffered from prolapse disease. Swimming is a very "fire" exercise. Its benefits, such as hydrotherapy for the muscles of the whole body and smooth blood circulation, are well known. Whale swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers, large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, 40,000 square meters Modern factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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