What are the best and suitable swimming goggles

November 29, 2021

We know that it is very important to choose a face-shaped swimming goggles that suits you, otherwise you will have good sealing: the most important thing about swimming goggles is sealing. Simply put, you don't get water in the goggles!

Anti-fog: Whether it is expensive or cheap goggles, it is basically impossible to prevent fog all the time. If you can guarantee that there will be no fog in the water for 1-2 hours, the anti-fog goggles are better. High anti-fogging properties generally use special materials, and the price is a bit more expensive.

Good comfort: This function is very subjective, and it has something to do with the glasses themselves, the tightness of wearing and even the shape of the head. Around this point, we need an adjustable nose bridge, and the material of the lens strap and lens ring is comfortable.

Swimming goggles custom manufacturers

Choose a brand according to your swimming frequency and budget. Some people say that it is good to buy an unknown brand of swimming goggles. In fact, swimming goggles do not have very advanced skills. You can buy whatever you want!

If you need to go swimming regularly, let's buy a regular brand. You can choose a brand that suits you according to your swimming frequency!

50-100: Suitable for people who swim less frequently, about once a month.

100-300: Suitable for people who swim frequently, about once a week or even several times a week.

Choose swimming goggles according to whether you are nearsighted or not. There is nothing to say about flat glasses, as long as you meet the basic functions and your own budget.

People with myopia don’t have to choose myopia goggles. If you don’t usually wear glasses, just buy flat goggles. If you usually need to wear glasses and can't take it off at all, let's buy a professional nearsighted goggles. Let me say that the same type of nearsighted goggles is more expensive! Whale goggles e-commerce procurement physical store wholesale contact us, the best goggles suitable for open water swimming, ready for you to dominate your open water competitions, we are a large-scale swimming goggles factory, swimming goggles customized exclusive brand, overseas E-commerce product selection, overseas physical store wholesale, authorization of whale goggles;

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