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What are the cartoon swimming goggles that children like

December 13, 2021

Whale brand swimming goggles are authorized to be customized. If the baby is just an adult playing in the water and his eyes are not in contact with the water, he can not use it. Otherwise, he must wear swimming goggles. This can prevent the chlorine from irritating the baby’s eyes; it can also keep the child underwater Open your eyes; of course, a cute swimming goggles is also a must-have for babies to play in the water!


In addition to common swimming goggles, there is also a mask-type swimming goggles, which is more comfortable, but larger in size and not as light as ordinary swimming goggles. How to choose baby swimming goggles?

(1) Material: If it is too hard, it will oppress the muscles around the eyes of the child. It is best to choose a relatively soft silicone material, which is comfortable and well-sealed, and protects the baby's eyes.

(2) Adjustable size: The strap can be adjusted to fit the child's head circumference, which can avoid falling off in the water, or being too tight and uncomfortable; the nose pad can be adjusted, and the baby can be adjusted to a suitable position for the baby.

(3) Lenses, anti-UV: anti-ultraviolet, can protect children's eyes from the sun's rays. Anti-fogging, can keep the lens transparent, children can clearly observe the surrounding environment underwater.


American Steven cartoon swimming goggles and buoyancy equipment for boys and girls. Generally, children need to bring some tools to help them float, such as swimming rings, floating boards, and life jackets. How to choose baby's buoyancy equipment?

High quality swimming goggles

Children swimming with goggles usually consider these and other factors:

(1) Quality: Although the previous article emphasized that swimming rims are not used to save lives, swimming rims with a high safety factor can at least reduce the probability of accidents. For example, swimming rims with anti-leakage design have a higher safety factor than ordinary swimming rims; Airbag swimming rims are also safer than swimming rims with only one airbag.

(2)Material: Many children like to "gnaw" on the swimming ring while playing in the water (see the link → the hazards of lead in toys). It is best for parents to choose safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials for their children.

(3) Applicable: Choose according to the age and weight of the child. If your child's weight exceeds the weight of the swimming ring, choose a larger, more buoyant swimming ring.

(4) Function: The focus of various buoyancy equipment is different, some focus on increasing the fun of playing in the water, and some are assisting learning to swim, you can choose the relative function according to your needs.

(5) Brand, price, appearance and other factors.


What are the buoyancy equipment suitable for babies to play in the water? Swimming ring, children's swimming ring are usually: underarm swimming ring, arm ring, sitting swimming ring, collar swimming ring.


German safe armpit swimming training ring for infants and young children, suitable age: 3 months-8 years old, reminder: This swimming ring budding shop is on sale. This is considered to be an Internet celebrity-level children's swimming ring. It has always been well-known among mothers and is used by many celebrity babies.


Little Steven swimming armband, this armband budding shop is on sale. According to the baby's swimming proficiency, parents can also use different combinations of armband + back float, armband + buoyancy belt or armband + life jacket. To adjust the buoyancy. There are also integrated armbands + life jackets, with the help of the back buckle to adjust the size, but there are certain restrictions. If the baby grows to a certain bust or weight, it is not appropriate. It is better to use the armband and tie the floating board for a longer time to adapt. Sex is better. Body glove paddle companion learns to swim life jacket, suitable for children 13.6-22.7kg;

Parents can also choose hats with UPF and UV protection. Swimming shoes, wearing swimming shoes can prevent children from slipping on wet surfaces. When buying these shoes, make sure to use durable non-slip materials so that they can provide some friction on the sliding surface.

When taking children to play in the water, what should I bring in the bag? After knowing so many equipment that may be used in the water, is it a bit dizzy, what should I bring? Don't worry, next time you take your children to play in the water, you can pack them according to this list, so you won't lose anything.


A list of essentials for your baby to play with water; swimsuits, swimming goggles, swimming rings, swimming diapers, towels, sunscreen, hats, swimming caps, water bottles, padlocks, toiletries, water shoes or slippers, plastic bags for packing wet items, Some healthy snacks, toys for the baby to play with in the water; follow the list, pack the items, and accompany the children to cool down in the water paradise for a "summer"! Whale Goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, AliExpress to customize it belongs to its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers, large sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, 40,000 square meters Modern factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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