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What are the functions of silicone swimming caps

November 08, 2021

Silicone swimming caps are formed by metal impact and hydraulic pressure and are used to wear them while swimming. Wearing a swimming cap is used to prevent ear tremors and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in the chlorine-containing water, which can effectively protect the hair and reduce the damage to the hair by the pool water, to prevent hair damage, reduce resistance, and make swimming faster .

Silicone swimming caps are based on the materials of the swimming caps. The common swimming caps include rubber swimming caps and silicone swimming caps. In the past, there was a cloth cap that was not waterproof and could not protect the hair. The resistance was quite large. When you raised your head to breathe, you felt a basin of water dripping down from your head. Unless you have a bald head, it is the same as if you did not wear it.

It is very breathable, so it is naturally not waterproof. The texture is relatively soft, and it is more comfortable to wear. It is suitable for children to play in the water.

The rubber swimming cap is harder in texture, better than waterproof, and can protect the hair, but it is very tight, and most people feel uncomfortable, the scalp is dull and uncomfortable, and it will leave a red mark on the forehead, which is now relatively small. used.

Silicone swimming caps are now the most common. The design of the swimming cap minimizes resistance. It is impervious to water, not easy to crack (under the premise of not being scratched by nails and sharp jewelry), sticky or aging, and it is more comfortable to wear. Now the design of swimming caps is also designed with inner particles, which has a non-slip effect.

What are the benefits of wearing a silicone swimming cap:

1. The silicone swimming cap is made of organic silica gel, which has good elasticity and high adhesion to the head;

2. The silicone swimming cap is suitable for winter, which has the function of keeping the head warm;

3. The silicone swimming cap is not easy to fall off during swimming. The reason is that there are small silica particles in the silicone swimming cap.

4. Silicone swimming cap is a green and environmentally friendly new product.

How to wear a silicone swimming cap:

Wearing a swimming cap is more exquisite. For example, do you need to wrap your ears in your swimming cap, what should you do if you have earplugs, and how can you wear it comfortably if you still wear swimming goggles? The following describes how to use the silicone swimming cap that is commonly used nowadays.

A. Although the swimming cap is made of silicone and elastic, do not pull it too hard. It is easy to be damaged. You should align the fold line or the line of your hand at the center of your eyebrows and open the swimming cap with your hands.

B. Girls with long hair should tie up their hair with rubber bands before wearing a swimming cap (the lower the position of the hair, the better) and then wear a swimming cap. Do not use clips, as it is easy to cut the swimming cap.

C. After putting on the swimming cap, adjust the position and comfort level, and try to put all the hair left outside into the swimming cap carefully.

How to choose a silicone swimming cap

When buying silicone swimming caps, most of the styles are generally one-size-fits-all, so many people think it doesn’t matter whether they try it or not. This idea is wrong. I personally think that I try it on, whether it is comfortable to wear, and finally confirm to choose the size that suits me, and check whether there is any damage.

When choosing the color of the swimming cap, finally choose the color matching or similar to the swimsuit. The style can be unique and exquisite. However, the styles and colors of swimming caps on the market are very diverse, and you can also choose some very eye-catching and dazzling high-profile routes. , Definitely earning a return rate.

How to maintain a silicone swimming cap

Silicone swimming caps are usually used up. How to maintain them to provide the service life of the swimming caps:

A. After use, wash with water, dry, try to avoid stacking together, to avoid sticking together;

B. The silicone swimming cap can also be cleaned with shampoo or shower gel for a week or two. After a long time, there will be no particle balls in it.

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