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What brand of goggles is good, and a detailed explanation of the brand of whale goggles

November 24, 2021

What should I do if my swimming goggles get fogged? People often worry about the fogging of swimming goggles. In fact, this problem can be solved in a very convenient way.

1. The most direct way is to buy an anti-fogging agent, wipe the swimming goggles, and then rinse them with clean water.

2. Use a small amount of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (no tears formula) to wipe the swimming goggles, and then rinse with water;

3. There are also many friends who directly lick with their tongues, which can also have a certain effect;

4. You can also use detergent, shower gel, and shampoo to drip into the frame. After evenly spreading, rinse with water (not clean will irritate the eyes).

How to choose the degree of myopia goggles? Many people encounter a problem when wearing swimming goggles, that is, what to do with myopia? How to choose the degree of myopia goggles?

The lens power of traditional myopia swimming goggles is mostly between 150 degrees and 800 degrees, basically every 50 degrees is used as a segmentation standard. The defect that myopia goggles cannot be accurately fitted has finally been broken. Male swimming goggles can be used as a segmentation standard every 25 degrees like myopia glasses, and can be accurately equipped with astigmatism.

1. Pure myopia

Due to the refraction of light in the water and the distance between the swimming goggles and the eyes is closer than the frame, it is generally better to choose 50-100 degrees lower than usual myopia (note: but not higher than usual, otherwise you will be dizzy underwater) .

2. Myopia with astigmatism

You can divide the astigmatism power by 2, add the myopia power (myopia power + 1/2 astigmatism power), and then subtract 50 to 100 degrees accordingly. This is the ideal swimming goggles power.

3. People with different degrees of myopia in both eyes

For consumers with different degrees of myopia, the right and left eye degrees should also be different. The method of selecting the degree of each eye is handled in accordance with the above two situations.

How to wear swimming goggles? Swim goggles are a kind of equipment in swimming sports. When used, they are fastened to the eyes to make it easier to see underwater things and prevent swimming pool water from entering the eyes. How to wear swimming goggles?

1. Don't worry about wearing the head, just buckle the swimming goggles on the eyes to see if there is suction. Only when the width of the swimming goggles match the frame and face shape, will it have suction power, and it will not leak when used. If there is no suction power, it means that this pair of swimming goggles is not suitable. If the nose bridge can be adjusted, it should be adjusted until there is suction.

2. When wearing, wear it from the front to the back.

3. When taking it off, put your thumb into the headband and lift it from back to front. Dachang swimming goggles manufacturers customize us.

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