What is the role of a swimming cap and how to choose a swimming cap?

November 08, 2021

In swimming pools or swimming pools, swimming caps are essential equipment. If you don’t have swimming caps, these places will not let you go into the water. What is the role of swimming caps? How to choose a swimming cap:

(1) Swimming caps are mainly used to prevent hair from falling into the water, affecting water quality and blocking pipes. If you swim in natural waters, you can choose to wear it or not according to your personal preference. Indoors are generally mandatory. Swimming caps are divided into plastic swimming caps and cloth swimming caps.

(2) For people who swim more frequently, choosing a plastic swimming cap can better protect the hair from moisture in the swimming pool. Because the plastic swimming cap is tighter and impervious to water

(3) Professionals generally choose to wear two swimming cap sets together, and put the goggles between the two swimming caps in order to minimize the resistance in order to obtain a higher speed.

(4) The maintenance method of the plastic swimming cap is to wash it with shampoo after each use, then rinse it with clean water, dry it, and put it away.

(5) The method of wearing a plastic swimming cap is that the plastic swimming cap has greater elasticity. When wearing it, use your hands to form an arch to open the swimming cap. You can prevent your nails from damaging the swimming cap

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