What to do if swimming goggles are always foggy, goggles whale brand

November 16, 2021

Goggles are a kind of equipment in swimming sports. Goggles and whale brands believe that goggles are tightly attached to the eyes and can see things underwater while preventing pool water from entering the eyes. Therefore, it has become a must-have item for many swimming enthusiasts. , It also brings a lot of fun to swimming.

In addition to competition goggles, ordinary goggles, myopia goggles, and presbyopic goggles are functionally distinguished. Good swimming goggles also have high-performance anti-fog, 100% anti-ultraviolet treatment, sealing function, and protect the eyes and prevent damage.

But no matter what type of swimming goggles, it will fog up after wearing for a long time.

Although many swimming goggles have their own anti-fog layer to avoid fogging, the effect of this layer is difficult to maintain permanent, so for better anti-fog, you can do this.

Licking: Licking the mirror with saliva before entering the water can prevent the goggles from fogging.

Although it is not hygienic, it is still very effective. At first, many people used this method to prevent the fogging of swimming goggles. Later, when they found a useful anti-fogging agent, they stopped licking it.

Anti-fogging agent: Our swimming goggles whale brand has already made an anti-fogging agent for swimming goggles. After using it, the swimming goggles will fog up and need to be cleaned. Then apply a layer of anti-fogging agent on the surface, and then use water after coating. Just rinse it and it's OK. When choosing an anti-fogging agent, it is recommended to choose a sponge head, which can be applied evenly.

Do not rub the inside of the swimming goggles with your fingers. The inside of the swimming goggles usually comes with a layer of anti-fogging. If you wipe it with your fingers, the anti-fogging function of the swimming goggles will be damaged.

Keep it properly; after use, wash it with water and dry it. Be careful not to wipe the lens with a towel to avoid scratching the mirror surface.

Do not use various organic solvents when decontamination to avoid deformation or discoloration of swimming goggles.

In a wet state, putting it together with swimsuits, towels, etc. for a long time will cause staining, so put it in a plastic bag or small box after use. At the same time, long-term storage in water or in a humid state will reduce the anti-fogging effect of the swimming goggles, and mold will appear. Therefore, long-term storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated place at room temperature, and talcum powder should be added for maintenance.

When storing the swimming goggles, please do not place them in direct sunlight or extreme high temperature (such as exposure to the sun) to avoid deformation and performance degradation of the swimming goggles.

Do not use any substance to wipe the inside of the lens directly to prevent damage to the fog film.

Swimming goggles generally have no expiration date. When they are not used for a long time, they can be stored in the packaging box that came with the purchase. If you feel necessary, you can clean them regularly.

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