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What to do if swimming goggles foggy, goggles whale brand

November 16, 2021

Swim goggles whale brand. Swim goggles are essential items for swimming, which can protect the eyes and prevent damage. However, the lenses of the swimming goggles sometimes appear foggy. What should I do?

Method 1: Clean with anti-fogging agent

The best and most direct solution to the fogging of swimming goggles is to rub the swimming goggles with an anti-fogging agent to restore the anti-fogging function of the lenses. The specific methods of use are as follows:

1. Wet the goggles with clean water before swimming, and simply wash them with a moisturizing method.

2. Open the cap of the anti-fogging agent bottle and apply directly to the inside and around the swimming goggles. You only need to apply it once, and you don't need to apply it outside.

3. Apply both left and right glasses. Generally, let the goggles dry in a ventilated place, and they will dry naturally after about 35 minutes.

Method 2: Wash with baby shampoo

Because anti-fogging agents are very expensive, some people will use baby shampoo instead, the effect is also good, the price is relatively cheap. How to use it: Before swimming, squeeze a drop of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand, dip the index finger of your other hand and apply it on the lens. Rinse the goggles with water in the swimming pool during swimming.

Method 3: Clean with neutral detergent

After swimming, personal sweat and grease in the swimming pool will adhere to the lens, which will affect the anti-fogging function of the mirror surface, resulting in fogging. At this time, you can use a neutral detergent: add water to the neutral detergent and gently use your fingers. After kneading the foam, use your fingers to dip some foam and gently wipe the oil in the swimming goggles. Fog film.); After washing with water, the grease can be removed and the anti-fogging effect can be restored.

Method 4: Use contact lens cleaning solution

If you want to solve the fogging of swimming goggles, you can use contact lens cleaning liquid. The specific method of use is: After swimming, drop a few drops of contact lens cleaning liquid on the swimming goggles lens to raise the lens and wait until it is launched again. Just rinse with clean water.

Fogging phenomenon:

1. Select some materials that are easier to absorb water or have better waterproof functions as anti-fog swimming goggles. This is a fundamental solution to anti-fog.

2. The general anti-fog glasses have layers of film. During wearing, cleaning or use, avoid touching and smearing the anti-fog surface of the lens with nails or fingers to prevent the lens from scratching and destroying the effect of the anti-fog film. .

3. After each swim, rinse with clean water to prevent the grease from covering and drying off and blocking the anti-fog effect.

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