What to pay attention to when swimming safely outdoors

December 10, 2021

To swim, you need to bring swimming equipment, including whale goggles, Biness swimming caps, swimming trunks, and swimsuits in winter; if you like all kinds of water sports, prepare for a seaside holiday, and are interested in trying outdoor swimming (wild swimming) and preparations Friends who play Triathlon can take what they need from the article. Maybe you would say that I can't swim at all, and I won't try wild swimming at all. Then please wait a while before closing this article, because as long as you have the possibility to go snorkeling, rafting, river tracing, kayaking, paddle boarding, even mature commercial beaches, there is a danger of drowning. It is worth looking at the conditions and safety knowledge of the relevant waters.

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1. Wild Swimming Novice Village-Entry Waters Selection:

You have practiced in the pool to the level that you can swim in open water, but it is still your first attempt at wild swimming. What kind of water should you choose? In fact, rivers, lakes and seas don’t matter. The key is management. It is recommended to go to areas where wild swimming must start to go to natural waters.

2. Tangkengquanxi Reservoir, rivers, lakes and seas-the characteristics and precautions of different water regimes:

There are many types of natural waters, and different waters have different water regimes. However, it should be emphasized that the water regimes of various waters mentioned here are just general rules. Many specific conditions need to be analyzed in detail. The best way Still ask the swimmers who are familiar with this waters. For example, there are winter swimming teams and triathlon teams everywhere. It will be relatively safer to follow these organizations.

1. Plateau lakes, Haizi, for this type of waters, I only have three words-don't swim! In fact, the water regime of plateau lakes and Haizi is not too complicated, because the water quality here is extremely clear, and everything under the water can be seen clearly, but it is this clearness that creates the illusion of shallow water! (For example, the Milky Sea and the Five-Colored Sea in Aden, Zhongdao City, the lakes that look small in front of the towering snow-capped mountains are actually very large, but the crystal-clear "small" lakes are as deep as ten meters). You should know the principle of light refraction in junior high school physics, so I won't talk about the reason.


2. Ponds and fish ponds, these waters are not deep in comparison, but the water quality is often poor, the water body is turbid, and the bottom of the pool has more silt, and there are also underwater fishing nets, wooden stakes, rusty iron blocks, etc. Circumstances, and these places themselves are not scenic, and swimming is not easy, so wild swimming is not recommended, let alone newcomers to try.

3. Natural lakes. Generally speaking, natural lakes are more suitable for wild swimming and relatively safer, especially some small and medium-sized lakes. The water surface of these waters is relatively calm, and there are basically no vortexes, undercurrents, etc., but due to current water pollution and eutrophication , Fish farming, etc., must not be taken lightly. Natural lakes often have more fishing nets in the water, and more underwater organisms, especially aquatic plants, etc. At the same time, they must guard against microorganisms such as contaminated water.

4. Reservoirs, when it comes to the danger of wild swimming, many people will say that the reservoir is the most dangerous and there are more accidents. But personally, in terms of China's environment, the reservoir is a relatively safe wild swimming place, even more open than commercial ones. It is safe to swim in the beach attractions.

5. Rivers, rivers are much more dangerous than the static water environment like lakes and reservoirs! ! ! Different lakes and reservoirs have similarities in water regimes, and every river, every section of every river, every season of every river, every moment of every season of the river is unique! Many rivers flow faster than people swim. It’s impossible to swim upstream at all. You can only drift downstream. There are various conditions in the water such as eddies, turbulence, and reefs. I don’t have much experience in swimming in rivers. In addition to saying that I try not to swim in the river, I don't have much experience to tell everyone.

6. Streams and pools. Many people will not enter the water when they see rivers and lakes, but they will come down to play in the shallow clear streams and pools. In fact, the water regime of streams is more complicated than that of large rivers! The flow of the stream is relatively fast, and when the current is very rapid, even the water to the knee can wash you away! Moreover, there are often small waterfalls and sharp rocks under the stream. So if you really want to go into the water, don’t go barefoot. It is recommended to wear shoes and beach shoes to go into the water.


7. Mine, if you let me say the most dangerous water area, it should be a mine. Generally, the water area of a mine is not large, and the first danger of a mine is very serious. Friends, the Whale Goggles brand and Bines Goggles brand authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, AliExpress; offline wholesalers, terminal sellers! At the same time, there are also authorized well-known big brands OEM/ODM to customize their own brands, our factory will give the most favorable price, and contact us by express mail;

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