What you need to know about swimming in open water

December 09, 2021

To go swimming, wearing goggles and swimming caps is an unforgettable thing; everyone will choose brand swimming caps and goggles; whale goggles and Biness swimming caps are products that I recommend;

1. Physical fitness (preparation before swimming in open water): proficiently using a swimming style, choosing alternate swimming styles, physical training, and looking forward.

If we choose open water as our swimming venue, then we must first see whether our swimming skills and physical conditions are capable of swimming in open water. Therefore, before going to the open water, let us train in the swimming pool. After training in the swimming pool for a period of time, we will have the ability to take the next step and prepare for the challenge of the open water.


Choose alternate stroke

Choose an alternate stroke, such as breaststroke. Because in open waters due to environmental restrictions, there may not be as many safety facilities as in the swimming pool. We can go ashore at any time when we are tired from swimming in the swimming pool. This condition may not be available in open waters. So we need to use other strokes to replace in order to restore physical strength, breaststroke consumes much less energy than freestyle. Because it is very important to learn a variety of swimming styles to swim in open water.


Physical training, there is no pool wall to limit your distance in open waters. So we have to make sure that we start to exercise our physical fitness in the swimming pool to increase our durability, so that we can challenge the long distance race in open water.

2. Skills: Sight practice, treading water practice, turning practice.

Sight practice, so in addition to contacting to find markers in the visible range, we should also contact more about the ability to swim in a straight line in the water. When there is no waterline in the open water, we try our best to keep the direction of our advancement not deviating. At this time, we need to look at the reference objects on our left and right, and correct our direction while swimming. This is not only a very important ability in the game, but also a self-protection ability in the water.


Treading exercises. If you are used to grabbing the pool wall or turning around by pushing the pool wall, swimming in open water can be troublesome. In open waters, there is not such a suitable wall or a well-deep and flat bottom. Then we need to practice treading water more, especially in deep water areas, because it may take a long time to tread water in open water competitions.


3. Matters needing attention: Don't be nervous when entering the water, don't go swimming alone, be sure to pay attention to the water temperature, and you need to join an organization.

Don’t be nervous when entering the water. First, tell yourself in advance that this is in open water. There will be small fishes, shrimps and insects in the water. We can see them in the water, and sometimes we can touch them. So, when Seeing these little things in the water is to avoid physical discomfort due to tension, just bypass them quietly.


You must pay attention to the water temperature. The water temperature in public waters will not be the same as the water in indoor swimming pools. The water in public waters is generally cooler. You must check the water temperature before entering the water to see if your body can accept it. If it is not the water temperature that you can adapt to, you must not rush into the water, otherwise your body will have adverse reactions, such as cramps or even more serious problems. If possible, you can also buy yourself a one-piece swimsuit, just like the one worn by professional swimmers. This kind of clothing will not only improve your swimming performance, but also maintain your body temperature to a certain extent.


Need to join an organization, if we have practiced the above mentioned skills and made various preparations, then we can also consider joining some groups of enthusiasts. The advantage of joining such a group is that we can have a chance to communicate with other enthusiasts, and exchange our hearts while swimming so that we can improve our skills. , Whale goggles, Bines swimming cap brand authorized online e-commerce and offline wholesalers can arbitrarily set their own adult children’s swimming goggles, children’s swimming caps, men’s swimming goggles, men’s swimming caps, women’s swimming goggles, and women’s swimming goggles. Caps, swimming goggles for competitions, many styles, welcome to email or phone for quick quotes.

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