What you need to know about swimming supplies, Shenzhen Pengyifa Swimming Goggles Wholesale

November 25, 2021

Whether the swimming goggles are suitable for you, the goggles manufacturer will find Shenzhen Pengyifa for customization. The temporary suction effect produced by pressing the swimming goggles on the eye sockets without a headband can best explain whether the swimming goggles are suitable.

For swimming goggles with scales on the fee frame, in order to achieve a comfortable waterproof effect, adjust one scale at a time, which can be tightened or released. When you are satisfied, you can use scissors to cut off the excess scale strips. For other types of swimming goggles , Some do not need to be adjusted, and some can provide a variety of nose bridges for selection.

The tighter the headband is used to hold the swimming goggles is not necessarily the better, because this may cause discomfort and leave marks around the eyes. Please adjust the tightness of the headband until it feels comfortable. Place the swimming goggles on your face, pull the headband behind your head, and place it at a 45-degree angle on the top of your head. Continue to adjust until there is no more water leakage. If you want to clear the stagnant water or adjust the position, just lift the swimming goggles slightly. Take off the swimming goggles safely. Put your thumbs under the headbands on both sides of your head, slide your thumbs behind your head, and take the rubber band from the back of your head to the front of your head. Be careful when you take off your swimming goggles and never pull the goggles. Get up. Because once it bounces back, it may hurt the eyes.

The correct way to wear

1. The two mirror straps are placed 35 degrees behind the head and fixed from two angles, so that the swimming goggles frame will not deviate due to the impact of water flow and cause water seepage.

2. The elasticity of the lens strap should be moderate. Too tight will cause the bridge of the nose to lift up and cause water seepage.

How to wear swimming goggles

1. Don't worry about the headband, just buckle the swimming goggles on the eyes,

2. When wearing it, wear it from the front to the back.

3. When taking it off, put your thumb into the headband and lift it from back to front.

4. First, with the mirror face down, hold the strap with both hands.

5. After the seal ring is aligned with the forehead, pull the lens strap back and put it on.

6. After the mirror body is moved to the eye area, use the back of the head to adjust to the proper strength to prevent water leakage. Only when the frame width of the swimming goggles matches your face shape, will it have suction power and will not leak water during use. If you feel that there is no suction, it means that this pair of swimming goggles is not suitable for you. (If the nose frame can be adjusted, it should be adjusted until there is suction.


1. There is a lens protective film on the surface of the glasses, which should be removed during use.

2. The inside of the glasses has been treated with anti-fogging. Please don't touch it with your hands, let alone clean the inside. If water enters accidentally, please shake off the water and dry it before storing.

3. Don't pull your headband tightly. Pulling it tightly will cause the nose buckle to rise and water will enter. Large-scale swimming goggles manufacturer whale brand authorized customization.

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