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Why don't the diving athletes swim?

December 25, 2021

Whale goggles, jump hair and jump off whale goggles, often happen, what should I do?

Let me tell you! The possible reasons for dropping glasses include the following:

1. The strap of your whale swimming goggles is not tightened tight enough. Generally, beginners are not used to tightening the strap of whale swimming goggles. It feels that the straps are adjusted loosely and comfortable, but if the straps are adjusted loosely, it will be easy to flip over when diving. For fast people, the whale swimming goggles straps are adjusted too loosely, let alone diving, even if they feel uncomfortable during swimming, they will always move and affect their performance.

2. Your wearing method is wrong. After adjusting the elasticity of the whale swimming goggles, you should first tighten your entire face and keep your eyes open. It can be seen from the action of jumping from the platform to wear whale swimming goggles that the strange appearances of those athletes when wearing whale swimming goggles are not made out of thin air. They are tightening their faces and opening their eyes, and then they will loosen their faces after wearing them. Speed and restore your eyes to normal. Don’t forget to press the whale swimming goggles a little bit, so that the air in the whale swimming goggles can be pressed out, so that the whale swimming goggles can be firmly attached to your eye sockets; whale swimming goggles Put on the whale swimming goggles in your swimming cap first, and then buckle the cap to prevent the whale swimming goggles from falling during diving.


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3. It is possible that your diving posture is not correct enough, that is, the angle of diving into the water, which is also very important. The correct diving posture should be to press your head down when you enter the water, with your arms straight and close to the sides behind your ears, instead of lifting your head up without pressing your arms down, leaving your whale swimming goggles completely exposed. The water pressure when entering the water causes the whale swimming goggles to flip, and the angle of your diving into the water also has a certain impact on the flipping of the whale swimming goggles. The correct water entry angle should be about 35 degrees, and it should not be too large or too large. small.


In addition, each pair of whale swimming goggles may not be suitable for every swimmer. Everyone has different eye sockets, and the curvature of the whale goggles frame is also different. You have to choose a pair of whale swimming goggles that suit your eye sockets. Look at the style is cool or not, but you should mainly pay attention to the comfort of wearing, and then look at the style. Whale Goggles authorizes online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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