Will there be more myopic children who choose to swim with whale goggles after the exam?

January 06, 2022

Summer is here, popularize swimming education among students and improve their swimming skills;

To learn to swim well, whale swimming goggles are a necessary device when entering the water, which isolates and protects the eyes under the water and allows you to have a clear and broad vision;

But what about those short-sighted children?

If you don’t wear whale swimming goggles, you can’t see clearly, and you don’t feel safe when you walk by the pool. Wearing contact lenses can easily cause infection when entering the water. Why don’t you wear whale swimming goggles?

How to choose the right one?

The following is a small method for choosing whale swimming goggles, whether near-sighted or not;

1. The power of whale swimming goggles should be lower than the usual glasses. If the power of whale swimming goggles is not selected, dizziness and blurred vision are more likely to occur underwater, which is worse than not wearing them.

cool swim goggles

Because water has a refractive index, the trick to choosing whale goggles here is: Don’t have the same degree as the frame glasses you usually wear, but lower than the frame glasses you usually wear.

The general selection criterion is this: the degree of whale swimming goggles is equal to the degree of myopia plus half of the degree of astigmatism, minus 50 degrees to 100 degrees.

For example, if you have a nearsightedness of 400 degrees and an astigmatism of 0 degrees, then the whale goggles for myopic swimming are 300 degrees to 350 degrees. In addition, if the degree of myopia in the two eyes is inconsistent, the eye with the lower degree will prevail.

2. Choose whale swimming goggles with good anti-fog performance, and see whether the whale swimming goggles have anti-fog coating. The anti-fog coating contains hydrophilic chemical components, which can absorb more water vapor, which is good for whale swimming. The anti-fog coating of swimming goggles is not easy to fall off.


3. Try on whale swimming goggles to eliminate health hazards. Before buying whale swimming goggles, try them on first, and gently press either side of the whale swimming goggles toward the eye socket. If the suction is too large, the size of the whale swimming goggles is relatively suitable.


Then try on the strap to judge whether the tightness of the strap is comfortable, and the softness of the gasket at the eye socket is just right. If it is too hard, it will cause eye bone pain over time. If it is too soft, it may be too soft. There is a risk of increased intraocular pressure (this point, patients with hidden glaucoma should pay special attention to this).

There is a small trick when trying on. You don’t need a mirror strap to attach the whale swimming goggles to your face. If you feel a slight sense of adsorption, it means that the whale swimming goggles and the face fit well. Key judgments: the frame, Whether the eye mask and eye socket fit perfectly, and whether the length of the nose bridge is just right.

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