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  • Hot Selling Large Spherical Lens Nylon Strap Ski eyeglass Goggles SNOW-4200
    Hot Selling Large Spherical Lens Nylon Strap Ski eyeglass Goggles SNOW-4200
    1.Anti-UV and Anti-Fog:The surface of this Ski goggles is treated with double-layer special mirror coating and polycarbonate lenses to filter harmful light,can effectively protect your eyes from UV rays.This snowboard goggles uses a full vacuum REVO plating lens, double anti-fog coating dual design give you a FOG FREE environment while you are enjoying skiing 2.Clear Vision:The advanced of Sport Snow goggles with the inner 360-degree spherical mirror made of CP material imported from Italy provides you with the broadest and clearest vision 3.High Impact Resistance:The internal lenses imported from Italy are very solid, Our ski Goggles assist you to secure your eyes in skiing/snowboarding. It will protect skiers and snowboarders for better impact resistance 4.Color Option For Everyone:These ski goggles are designed with colored lenses, a variety of colors for you to choose from, stylish and chic, suitable for different weather conditions and personal. preference when skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports. Suitable for both adults & teens 5.OTG Design & Helmet Compatible:This Ski goggles that fits over glasses, Make you more comfortable and convenient when skiing/snowboarding. The extra long elastic Snow goggles strap for any helmet compatibility, designed for both men women kids& youth
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